The Most Underrated Beauty Hero: Coconut Oil

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Today I am talking about the most underrated but amazing product Coconut Oil. It is our intention that we always rush behind expensive products those may leave some side effects on our skin and burn our pockets too. Rather if we look back to our kitchen shelf, we can get a superpower that can do miracles to our skin and hair, better to say to our whole body. Here, I have brought to you the unexpected benefits of coconut oil on the skin. So, sit back and enjoy.




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There are very few beauty products that can do wonders as the coconut oil can do. Coconut oil has multiple benefits ranging from health care to skincare, haircare and more. Here, I am concentrating on skincare only.




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1.Coconut Oil As Cleanser:

Coconut oil is a good cleanser.It can wipe out all impurities and pollutants from your skin. All skin types can use it. If you have dry skin, take 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil on your palm and rub it with the other to liquify the oil. Apply on the face and neck, massage gently. Wait for 5-7 minutes for the oil to absorb into the skin and wipe away with a wet cotton ball. The oily skin, wash with warm water and dry with a soft cotton towel. Initially you may experience acne, but believe me, regular use will reduce sebum secretion. My acne prone skin has accepted after one week of regular use.


2.Coconut Oil As Makeup Remover:

Removing makeup, especially the eye makeup, is a hard task. Coconut oil will make this easy. Apply the oil on your face, including eye area. Massage softly in a circular motion. Now wipe off with a wet cotton ball, then wash off with mild soap. Your face is ready for beauty rituals.


3.Coconut Oil As Skin Softener:

No need to spend much for creams and lotions, pick up a bottle of coconut oil and get rid of dry, hard skin of your face and body. Use the oil on your face, all over your body and wherever you feel to be moisturized. It will be helpful for the cracked heel too. Don’t think it will remove the crack in a day, but it will soften the skin and heal slowly.


4.Coconut Oil As Night Cream And Eye Cream:

The Vitamin E in coconut oil repairs the skin promotes healthy skin growth, prevents premature aging if you leave it on your skin overnight. Apply the oil on your face and neck, massage it in the circular motion for minimum 5 minutes. Using ring finger slowly and softly massage around your eye area. It will reduce eye bags, fine lines and dark circles. The dry skin beauties leave it now on your face. But the oily skin can blot the excess oil with a tissue if you feel oily, but don’t rinse off.


5.Coconut Oil As Spot Correcter:

You can use coconut oil to lighten any dark spot, tan, blemishes. Just dab very little amount on the affected area as a spot treatment. Do you need any whitening cream now?


6.Coconut Oil As Cuticle Treatment Cream:

Are you worried of your peeling cuticles? I know many of you. Coconut oil is here to solve it. Rub some coconut oil on your cuticles and see the effect. You can apply coconut oil on your hand as a hand cream to get softer and hydrated hand.


7. Coconut Oil As Lip Moisturizer:

Coconut oil will save your lips from getting chapped. Apply a little amount on your lip and leave it. You can use it as a lip gloss, by mixing it with the lipstick of your choice.


8. Coconut Oil To Treat Skin Infections:

The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil heal eczema, psoriasis and even acne. Apply coconut oil on affected area. It calms and soothes the skin at once. It’s easily penetrated into the skin and kills the germ. Here the fatty acid in the coconut oil acts. As shown in a study that fatty acid has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. So, my pretty don’t get scared to apply this wonder oil on your acne prone skin.


9. Coconut Oil As Sunburn Relief:

Did you expose to the Sun and experience redness, inflammations? Pick up your bottle of coconut oil and apply on the affected area. The coconut oil at once will calm and soothe your skin. It will soothe the inflamed skin, reduce redness and will rehydrate the skin.


10. Coconut Oil As Shaving Gel:

Hi, guys it is for you. Pick up coconut oil instead of shaving creams or foams. It will help in preventing ingrowth of hairs and razor burn, by hydrating your skin.



Coconut oil is getting popular day by day. It is safe for babies and the people with sensitive skin. I have combination and super sensitive skin. I use it daily. Ensure that the coconut oil you are using must be pure, virgin coconut oil. So, before buying those expensive creams, cleansers and all, think once about this humble but highly effective coconut oil.



 Now a question must be coming in your mind that is “Where To Buy”. You can buy from qtrove Amazon.


Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestion about using coconut oil, please comment here. I am all ear to your tips.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.



I Love Flowers

It’s been two years from now I went to Gangtok, the capital of the northern Indian state of Sikkim. Gangtok is a tourist attraction, not only for snow but for flowers also. So, I say it is the Paradise of tourists. I visited there 3/4 times. Sometimes to see flowers, sometimes snow. It was mid-March, I went with my family.



On my visit, with other places, I went to Rumtek Monastery there. It’s also called Dharmachakra Center, a place of erudition and spiritual accomplishment, the seat of the glorious Karmapa. Rumtek Monastery is now the largest in Sikkim. It is the home to the community of the monks and here they perform the rituals and practices of the KARMA KAGYU lineage. A golden stupa contains the relics of the 16th Karmapa. Here I saw these orchids and clicked.



Rumtek Monastery
















Near Rumtek, another nice place is Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Gardens. It houses many species of orchids, trees, including oaks. But, don’t know why we feel it is not well maintained. Whatever, let’s explore:






The entrance




just like a star








At the time of coming back, told a tourist to take a shot of us. I wanted to keep the picture as the memory of Sikkim. Here it is. But, sorry to say, I didn’t ask her name.



Me and my two sons



This is my first photography post. Except the last family photo, all are clicked by me only. Please let me know how are they. I love to get your feedback always.

Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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PAC Retro Matte Lip Gloss: My Thoughts

Hello, Ladies!!

Finally, it’s my first post for 2017! Well, I know, I am too late but I was stuck with a few other things. But finally, I made it!

PAC Cosmetics has been coming out of new products nonstop and I am here with the review of their RETRO MATTE GLOSS.

Price & Availability:

Rs. 550/- for 6.5 ml. These are currently available at PAC store in Mumbai, Amazon & few on Flipkart. They do have a shipping charge of Rs. 50/- so it’s always better to order a bunch of PAC stuff instead of ordering one.

Product Description:

A revolutionary new lightweight, non-drying formula in our liquid lipsticks. Gives you an opaque payoff with just one swipe! Our liquid lipstick dries down matt right after one swipe and lasts through thick and thin! Available in 20 unique shades!

  • Lightweight
  • Opaque payoff with just one swipe!
  • Dries down matte right after one swipe
  • For best results: Avoid oily food

My Experience:

Shades & Packaging:

The lip gloss comes in 20 different shades, a good variety of pinks, nudes, red, corals and berry. These do not have names but marked from 1 to 20, 1 being the lightest and 20 being the darkest. I wanted to check them out so initially ordered shade 17. It is a beautiful dark pink shade with berry and brown undertones. Definitely need to get more!

The PAC Retro Matte Gloss comes in a transparent plastic tube with a black cap on top. The packaging is very sturdy & travel-friendly. The shades are easily visible from the transparent body and the shade numbers are written at the bottom of these bottles. It comes with a doe foot applicator which helps spread the gloss perfectly on the lips. You can find the complete ingredient list on one side of the outer cardboard packaging.

Texture & Staying Power:

The texture of the lip gloss is more on the mousy side. They glide on smoothly and a single swipe is good enough for darker shades. For lighter shades, you might need 2-3 swipes. Shade 17 goes evenly on the lips and dries off as matte in no time. I have also seen other reviews which say that a few of the shades are a bit streaky but can be managed by layering it up.

And once set they stay for long!! I mean they do not smudge or crumble at all unless you have some oily food. These lasts for a good 7+ hours. They do start fading after oily food but can easily survive coffee/drinks. Reapplying them is easy and does not make it look any different than before. They are a bit drying on the lips after few hours so you need to moisturize the lips well before applying. Since we expect the same from liquid lipsticks so there is nothing to worry 🙂

Swatch & How It Looks On Me:

Overall Thoughts:

I loved them! Just apply it and forget..what else I can wish for 😃. This has already made a place in my Best of 2016. I am definitely going to get me hands on a few more shades and you should get yours too! Let me know your favorite shades and do not forget to LIKE my post and SUBSCRIBE to my blog.



PikReview: A Platform Where What You See Is What You Get

You have seen here I write only about beauty products and lifestyle tips. But, today I am going to write about a Platform where the bloggers meet the shoppers. Let me be clearer. PikReview is a platform where bloggers can write the genuine reviews about products, they use and the shoppers get some info about the products before buying. It also helps the Brands to find the genuine reviews of their products from the users. Now let me tell you how PikReview works.


image source: Instagram



A blogger has posted 

PikReview Helps The Bloggers:

Bloggers, especially the budding bloggers who are struggling to reach to the people can get a chance to share their reviews here and get noticed. Through PikReview, they can reach to their audience and to the brands as well. A blogger can post the review directly on You can also fetch your mini reviews from Instagram. If you want to post an article, after logging in, click the upload button to select the option NEW REVIEW.  First, upload a relevant image, then select categories, tags and write the review. Lastly, share the product links along with your social media links. To upload Instagram Review, in your mini reviews tag @pikreview_official in your photos and use hashtag #pikreview in the description. Then head over to the website, click the upload button, select INSTAGRAM REVIEW, give some touch ups to your post, provide product links and your social media links and upload. Thus, you can increase your audience.




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One post of a  PikReview blogger



PikReview Helps The Shopper:

Nowadays, a shopper when going to buy something gets confused about where to buy, which product is more useful. Here comes PikReview to help you out in shopping the right product from the right place. In PikReview, you can get the genuine review from a user and the link to buy it. The shopper can see a variety of products ranging from skincare to hair care to makeup products, apparels, accessories. The list goes on.


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PikReview Helps The Brands:

The brands can use the platform PikReview to promote their products on social media. Here, they can reach out the bloggers easily. PikReview simplifies the campaign execution of the brands through the platform with guaranteed reachable impressions and social shares.



Another Great Feature: PikReview YouTube:

Very recent PikReview has added a new feather to its cap is YouTube channel. So, not only the bloggers but the vloggers also can be featured here. Isn’t that amazing?



My Feelings:

PikReview is the platform that has ignited the blogger in me. I was thinking to start a blog and at that point, PikReview told me to write a review on a product, I did and a blogger was born. I own a blog now, am writing on some reputed blogging platforms, but PikReview is my priority always. Thus PikReview has become an amazing site for all beauty and fashion bloggers.



One of my posts on PikReview



So, what do you feel about this wonderful website? Are you there? If so, share your views. If you have any dream of starting a blog or YouTube channel, head over to, register yourself and start blogging. 


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to read more such reviews.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


A Review: Blue Nectar Briganantadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil

A new year has started and we have celebrated a lot. Now let’s get back to work mode.  Again, I have come with a product review. I am going to review today a treatment hair oil from Blue Nectar, Briganantadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil. Blue Nectar has sent me this oil to write a review on it. I was very happy to get it, as I was badly suffering from dandruff and consequent hair loss. Ok, let me tell you how do I feel.


Blue Nectar is a brand that manufactures and markets authentic ayurvedic beauty products. Visit here to know more.



This traditional Ayurvedic hair oil containing 9 vital herbs contains all nutrients required to prevent hair loss, premature graying and remove dandruff. Additionally, it cools the head and promotes lush hair growth.

Packaging And Price:

The oil comes in a blue plastic bottle with a golden screw cap. It costs Rs 425/-.

Ingredients ( every 10 ml):

Coconut Oil, Bringaraj, Amla, Neel Patra, Mulethi, Malkangani, Sesame Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Sunflower Oil.



The first thing I like about is its smell. It has a sweet smell which is different from the typical scent we see in Ayurvedic oils. And the smell is light and doesn’t irritate my sensitive nose. The oil is light in texture. It is directed to use lukewarm. So, I take 2 tablespoons of oil in a small glass bowl and put it in a big bowl of hot water to make it warm. Whenever you use hot oil, heat it this way. Never heat oil directly on the flame. I apply the oil on my scalp using a cotton ball. Give a light massage. After 30/45 minutes I wash the hair with a mild herbal shampoo. As directed by the brand I keep the oil on my scalp for that much time. Always the products should be used the way as directed by the brand.

I have been using the oil for one month. I have taken this much time to write the review to see its effects on my hair. In hair problems, you should give one month to see the effects. Now my hair which was dry and frizzy has become soft and manageable. I need not use any conditioner after the shampoo is done. It has reduced the amount of dandruff and consequently hair fall is also much reduced.

I am really happy with the oil and strongly recommend you to buy if you are fed up of dandruff and hair fall or simply if you like to see the luster on your hair. Use the oil twice in a week. You can buy online here

Blue Nectar sent me another product, you can read the review here.

*PR Sample.


Top 7 Lavender Oil Benefits

The essential oils are rapidly becoming popular nowadays, because of their healing properties. They heal both physically and mentally without leaving any side effect. Essential oils are actually not oils at all as they lack fatty acids, rather they are highly concentrated plant components, distilled from different parts of a plant like flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds and all. They are very potent because of the concentration of phytochemicals. This is the reason why before using an essential oil directly on your skin should go for a patch test.

Of all these essential oils, Lavender Oil has become most famous and are widely used in the skin care, hair care, bath and body care products, perfumes, household cleaners and laundry detergents. It has a scent that is a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean and calm. Image courtesy : GoogleThe lavender oil is extracted from the flower of the lavender plant which is native to northern Africa and now it grows throughout southern Europe, the United States and Australia. It has a strong historical background. The Egyptians used lavender oil for mummification as well as perfumes. In ancient Greece, Rome, medieval and renaissance Europe, it was used in the bath or as deodorants, disinfectant. The word lavender has come from ‘lavare‘ which means ‘to wash‘. Actually, Lavender Oil is known for its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.Lavender oil offers both physical and mental relief from the problems like a migraine, insomnia, burns, insect bites, various skin problems, infections, stress and nervous tension. Another most consistently reported benefit of lavender oil is that it can provide respiratory relief in particular coughs, colds, influenza etc. Even it may also ease breathing problems. It can refresh your tired mind, providing the relief from anxiety and stress.


Now I am going to share with you top 7 benefits of lavender oil:

1. Reduces stress and anxiety:

Add 3-4 drops of lavender oil to your bath water and take a bath. You will feel relaxed, relieved from stress, anxiety, fatigue and tired mind.


2. Heals burns and cuts:

Add 1/2 drops of lavender oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (I generally use grapeseed oil/almond oil) or fresh water and apply it on the affected area. It will calm and cool the burns or cuts and give you a sudden relief. It also heals chapped skin. If you add 1/2 drops of lavender oil to your regular lip balm and apply on lips, your lips will get soft and hydrated. Again, add it to your regular hand/slash foot cream. The rough skin of your hands and feet will be softer and smoother and the cracked heels will be healed too.


3. Improves sleep:

You can also defuse lavender oil to get rid of insomnia. Add 4-5 drops of lavender oil to a burner filled with water and keep it on a diffuser. Place the diffuser in your bedroom. It will calm your nerves, providing deep sleep at night.


4. Alleviates headaches:

To reduce headaches, mix 2 drops of lavender oil with any carrier oil, rub it into the temples, forehead and back of your neck. You will get immediate relief from a headache.


5. Improves eczema and acne:

Lavender oil controls oil production to treat acne and improve complexion. Add 2/3 drops of lavender oil to your cleanser or moisturizer to help clear up acne, acne scars. To heal itching, dryness, eczema or other skin irritations add lavender oil to carrier oil and apply the mixture on the affected areas.


6. Soothes sunburn:

Add 2/3 drops of lavender oil to any carrier oil or to water, gently apply on the sunburnt areas and get immediate relief. Regular use of this mixture will diminish suntans, blemishes, giving a radiant and glowing skin.


7. Effective for hair fall:

If you regularly massage your scalp with 2/3 drops of lavender oil, mixing with coconut oil or any other regular hair oil, it will help to regrow hair. Massage your scalp with the oil mixture with very soft hand and leave it overnight. But don’t comb your hair. Next morning shampoo your hair with a good herbal shampoo. Do it minimum twice a week. Don’t think that you will get an immediate result, may it take 1/2 months to show the results.


So, friends do you use lavender oil ? If that so please share with me more tips for using the magical oil. And if you like the article, you can visit for more such posts.

Source: Top 7 Lavender Oil Benefits

If you want to buy can head over to some online stores like Purplle.comAmazon. Remember, don’t use directly on your skin without patch test.

Thanks for reading. Stay here. I’ll be back very soon with more skincare hacks.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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January Fab Bag THE BRING IT ON! Unboxing And Review

My first Fab Bag in the year 2017. I have a deep bond with Fab Bag. Don’t know, why! Maybe this is the first subscription service I got into in the year 2015. And the surprising fact about it I never missed it to subscribe. Meanwhile many have come and gone, but Fab Bag is there always. Ok! let’s come to the January Fab Bag THE BRING IT ON. 


The January Fab Bag is a satin finish clutch. I have got the color maroon. In the new year Fab bag, they have sent some nice goodies which they have curated with some good effort. Two full-size products are here and a new brand is introduced here. Let’s have look inside the bag.







1. SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick- Rose Dawson ( Full Size: Rs 799/-)

2. O3+ Derma Fresh Mask ( Full Size: Rs 425/-).

3. MCaffeine Neem Caffeine Face Wash ( Rs 449/- for 150 ml)

4. The Nature’s Co. Fucus Anti-Aging Cream ( Rs 895/- for 50 ml)

5. Wella EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion (Rs 900/- for 100 ml)





1. SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick- Rose Dawson:

My first introduction to Sugar lipsticks was through Fab Bag. That was Matte As Hell Crayons Mary Poppins. And I’ve fallen in love with them. I bought many from them. When Fab Bag asked me to select the makeup product of this month, I at once picked up this one. And I also wished to have this color.




2. O3+ Derma Fresh Mask:

I love face masks. I stock different face masks in my vanity always. I have got a new member in the family. It is a brightening and whitening face mask. According to the brand, it will hydrate too. Let me use, I’ll let you know.





3. MCaffeine Neem Caffeine Face Wash:

Fab Bag has introduced this brand here. It is India’s first energizing personal care brand. I have purchased some and they’re really good. You’ll see the reviews very soon. So, I think this face wash will be good too. As the one ingredient is neem, so it’ll be beneficial for my acne-prone combination cream.




4.The Nature’s Co. Fucus Anti-aging Cream:

You all know about the brand. This is an anti-aging cream from their Aquaspark range. It has seaweed extracts and other marine aquatic products with proteins and minerals as the key ingredients that help to keep wrinkles at bay. As it is The Nature’s Co. it must be fruitful to my mature skin.



5. Wella EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Cream:

It is a pouch of 6 ml. It is a hair styling lotion from Wella. Let’s see how it works on my hair and will tell you.




What do you thing about the January Fab Bag? Have you got yours? Which one is your favorite product in the bag? If you want to buy visit here.

Thanks for reading. Coming with a series of posts. Stay tuned.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.