Get Beautiful and Confident with the Jewelry from Panigha India.

Accessories has always been fun to add some flair to my looks. Accessories and jewelry can make all the difference. Wearing jewelry is something I enjoy much and I think all women around the world are passionate about jewelry as it represents feminism and makes women feel special, stylish and confident. And if it’s Statement jewelry, it makes you celebrate womanhood. Statement jewelry itself has a power of it’s own and wearing a statement jewelry gives a woman a sense of empowerment and helps her stand out above the rest. Today, I am going to share with you some such jewelry which I have picked up from Panighaindia.

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The Brand: Panigha India

Panigha India, is a Kolkata-based jewelry brand that operates from Facebook and Instagram. Panighaindia was born out of immense love for handicrafts some months ago, but during this short period, it’s become a name in the field of handicrafts. They sells jewelry, home decor, stoles,  dupatta, in a word they have anything to do with fashion and in very affordable prices. Another thing I love about the brand is their safe packaging and fast delivery. They have sent me a set of handmade jewelry and I have purchased one set of Afghan Jewelry. Both the sets were safely packed and reached my place within three days.



What I have Picked Up From Panigha India:

When I first time visit their page, what attracted me is their exclusive and variety of range. Each and every jewelry is unique and you will not see any second piece. They have sent me a set of neckpiece and earrings. But, honestly, seeing their collection, I couldn’t resist myself from buying one. So, let’s have a look what I have picked up from Panigha India.


content imageThey have sent me this set.


content image
The Afghan long neckpiece



content image
Afghan earrings

My Styling With The Jewelry from Panigha India:

As, Diwali is round the corner, I think it will be the best to create a traditional look. And what can be the most gorgeous and sexy look, than the look you create with a saree? The Saree is considered to be a timeless outfit. It has never failed to surprise us with its variety of innovations that have been brought in it till date.


I have created two looks, one day look with a typical hand painted Bengal handloom saree and other with a night look with silk saree. Both the sarees I have bought from a local boutique.


Day Look:







I have also picked up a kurti for the day look.





The night look:






Do you like the collection? Do you want to try them? Go and DM to their Instagram and Facebook page. They’re also working on their own website and very soon they are launching it. 

Thanks for reading. Coming soon with more such interesting reviews.



Hydrate Your Skin with Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil.

Some days back you have seen me talking about  Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser.


Today, I’m going to share with you another wonderful product from the same brand Seer Secrets. It’s an oil, Seer Secrets Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath and Shower Oil.



Seer Secrets Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath and Shower Oil:

  • “Our Smoky Rose Geranium Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil absorbs quickly, providing instant hydration and a shimmering finish. It gently cleanses, leaving a satiny softness all over the body.”
  • Naturally derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, NO triclosan, sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS), formaldehyde, salicylates, parabens, phosphates, MEA, DEA, TEA, petroleum-based ingredients or dyes. Never Tested on Animals, made in the India!
  • Suitable for all skin types and made from pure essential oils. Our Smoky Rose Geranium Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil is gentle enough to use every day.
  • It is a replacement for your daily lotion. A high-quality oil providing real hydration & moisturization.
  • The hydrating properties of geranium essential oils hydrates the skin, clears up acne, prevents wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and protects from skin infections.



How To Use:

On sopping wet skin or clean dry dehydrated skin, apply the oil generously to unravel a glowing nourished skin enveloped in a dewy fragrance.


Price: INR 549/- for 100 ml.


Available on Amazon


Fractionated Coconut oil, Cade essential oil, Linalool, Geranium essential oil, Rose ext, Limonene, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Almond Seed oil.





The light golden yellow oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser that makes it easy to use and economic. You can take out that much you need. The bottle comes in a well secured cylindrical tin container with a brown paper inside. The brand has provided all the information with the packaging. I have become the fan of their unique and safe packaging.







My Experience:

The oil has a mild but sweet rose fragrance that’s stolen my heart from the first day of using. It’s a lightweight, non sticky oil that takes no time to absorb into the skin. It doesn’t make my skin greasy or oily. And the light and natural oil doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin too.




I use the oil every day after shower twice and take a 6-7 pumps of the oil on my palm and massage all over my body. Very little amount is needed for the whole body. And the pump dispenser doesn’t allow you to waste the product. The soothing aroma of this oil helps in relaxing the senses while massaging it on the body, especially I can experience when I apply the oil after coming back from work. After using this massage oil my skin feels soft, nourished, hydrated and the oil leaves my skin pleasantly fragrant. It gives a good glow on the skin, reducing the sunburn on the exposed parts slowly. After one and half weeks of using, I can notice a remarkable difference in my skin.


Overall, I am quite happy with the result. It can be said that it has fulfilled all the claims from the brand. And I am surely gonna repurchase the oil. If you are looking for an oil that gives you a well toned texture, and a nourished and glowing skin, it’s the product then. 


That’s all for today. Coming back soon with more such incredible products.

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Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

Give Yourself A Luxurious Bathing Experience with Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser

Hello pretties,


You know that I swear by “organic” “natursl’ ” non-toxic” beauty brands. Actually, these beauty products not only enhance our beauty but are good for environment as well. So, it’s always amazing to discover a brand that is natural and organic and that offers products, free of all chemicals. One such brand I have recently introduced to is Seer Secrets. I’ve started using three products from this brand, Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme body cleanser, Smoky Rose Geranium Deep Moisture Replenishing bath and shower oil and Silvertea Lavender & Geranium Tranquility facial mist.



Among the three, today I am going to share my views about the body cleanser.

Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme body cleanser:


“Indulge into the aroma of a thousand roses with this beautiful bath time indulgence. With a smoky rose geranium fragrance, this hydrating soy milk enzyme body cleanser helps create a sense of hydration and protecting the skin from wrinkles and sun burns. With a refreshing scent, the formula is infused with Geranium essential oil and extract of Rose, Amla & Reetha which provides the essence of hydration in a blissful relaxing effect of Aromatherapy in your shower. Smoky & rosy notes in a formula infused with Soy Milk Proteins and coconut derivatives stimulate your mind and spirit in a blissful shower experience.”




Coconut derivative base, Aqua, Geranium essential oil, Amla & Reetha ext, Rose ext, Soy protein.


Suitable for all skin types and Paraben free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, NO triclosan, sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS), formaldehyde, salicylates, parabens, phosphates, MEA, DEA, TEA, petroleum-based ingredients.


How to use:

On a moistened loofah, pour Seer Secrets body cleanser. Generate luxurious lather by rubbing the loofah on body for intense hydration. Rinse off with water.


Price: INR 594/- for 250 ml.

Available on Amazon.



The pale yellow gel comes in a sturdy plastic long bottle with pump dispenser. The bottle they have kept in a tin cylindrical container to reach out to the consumer safely. Inside the tin packaging they have sent a brown paper with all info about the body cleanser. On the outer part of the bottle all the info about the product and the name of the brand is printed. I love this unique packaging. The bottle is user-friendly and travel-friendly and is economic to use.


The outer container


The bottle is inside that cylindrical container


The user-friendly packaging


The brown paper

My Experience:

First of all I want to say that the body cleanser is giving me a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience with its heavenly smell and very soft texture. The very first day as I opened the outer package the sweet smell of geranium and rose immediately gave me a happy feel. Anddddd, I am sold by it, yes I am honest. The texture is incredibly soft and doesn’t at all irritate my sensitive skin. It’s neither runny nor thick. The texture is just perfect for regular use.



I use the body gel twice daily, in the morning and in the evening after coming back from the work. I take 4-5 drops on the loofah and rub all over my wet body to form a rich lather. It’s recommended to use natural loofah to avoid irritation or skin damage. I have purchased mine from a local store.

Pouring the cleanser on natural loofah

Everyday with this cleanser my shower is getting luxurious and relaxing. I can see it drawing out impurities and dirt from my skin effectively without making it dry. Rather, the body cleanser gives whole day hydration, giving a softer and healthier skin. I need a very small amount of the product to wash my whole body.


Overall, I’m really happy with the body cleanser. If you love sweet and mild floral fragrances  you can indulge and enjoy your every bathing with Seer Secrete body cleansers. 


Thanks for reading.

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Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

Honey, The Savior For Our Skin

Is there any one who doesn’t want flawless skin? I know that I can’t find any.😂😂 It’s true that trying to get that picture perfect skin is a series of never-ending battles against acne, dark circles, pigmentation, pale, lifeless skin, blackheads — oh, the list can go on. If you don’t take proper care of your skin regularly, this battle will never end. But, I’m not telling you to buy expensive products or to visit a salon for skin treatment by making a big hole in your purse. Rather, I suggest you some easy home remedies using natural ingredients from your kitchen shelf.


images (19)

Today, I’m talking about one such natural ingredient, getting which is so easy ( I think it’s kept on every kitchen shelf), that is Honey. If you use honey regularly on your skin, you can get flawless skin within five days. So, let’s start talking about Honey.


Why we should use Honey on our skin:

Honey is a skin saver with its antibacterial properties and being the natural source of antioxidants. Here are the benefits of honey:

  • Acne: With its antibacterial properties, honey treats acne and also prevents them attack your skin.

  • Aging: Being a natural antioxidant, honey slows down the aging process.

  • Complexion booster: Honey moisturizes skin and acts on any spots and pigmentation.

*Pores: As a clarifying agent honey opens up pores to unclog them easily.



How to use Honey effectively on the skin:

Here, I’m going to tell you different uses of honey for different skin types.

1. Honey As A Mask:

Take one teaspoon of honey and spread evenly on your clean face and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

This mask will give you a well hydrated and moisturized face. Actually being a humectant honey draws the moisture from the air into our skin and locks it into the skin giving a long lasting hydrating effect. This mask treats acne and acne scar or other skin concerns too and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It’s suitable for every skin type. If you use it before bed you can see a better result.




2. Honey Mask mixed with Milk and Sandalwood Powder:

This is a great face pack for detanning and drawing out impurities and pollutants from your skin.


* 1 teaspoon of honey.

  • 1 teaspoon of milk ( the oily skin gals use curd instead of milk).

  • 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder.

Mix all the ingredients to form a smooth paste, apply the pack on face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes ( oily and sensitive skin gals keep the paste only for 10-12 minutes). Rinse off with water.

3. Honey and Coconut Oil face pack:

Honey is known as fairness agent to lighten skin. It also helps diminish scars, cell regeneration and mixed with coconut oil help revive skin cells and improve the skin texture, giving you a healthier and smoother skin.


  1. One teaspoon of honey.

  2. One teaspoon of coconut oil or olive oil or grapeseed oil.



Mix both the ingredients and apply on the face and neck, leave it for 15 minutes. Massage for 2 minutes and wash off with warm water. You can use the mask daily to get the glowing and flawless skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, matured skin.


Other uses of Honey:

  1. Honey is a good moisturizer for cuticles. Rub honey on cuticle on each nail, leave for 5 minutes and rinse off. You will get a soft and pink nail. If you wish can add lemon juice to it.

  2. Honey acts as a good hair conditioner. Mix honey with coconut oil and apply thoroughly on scalp and hair, leave for half an hour and rinse off with a mild herbal shampoo to get a lustrous and silky smooth and soft hair. This mask works magically on frizzy hair too. But those who have the oily scalp, don’t use on the scalp, rather I recommend you to apply on hair strands only.

Now the question comes in your mind, that’s what kind of Honey you will buy and from where. I use slimmer honey from the brand VLCC. You can get it from any local store or from Nykaa

Also, you can buy raw honey from Qtrove.

So, my friends let’s start this ritual from today to get that picture perfect skin. If you have any suggestion for using honey in some different way, please comment here, so that all of us can use and get benefitted.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

Pamper Yourself with Khaleesi Bath Powder ft Sah Beauty Solutions

Hi pretties,

My ‘Me time’ beauty rituals are now making me feel like a queen with a luxurious bath powder. I always enjoy taking the time to pamper myself to start or end my day with a little TLC and consequently feel soft, calm and pretty. And I think, I deserve it, not only me but every woman deserve to be too. The bath powder, I’m talking about today, is Khaleesi Bath Powder I bought from Sah Beauty Solutions, a store on Instagram. So, let’s start with the review.



About The Store: Sah Beauty Solutions:

Sah Beauty Solutions is a store that offers luxury natural beauty solutions that are Halal and Animal-friendly. The recipes for all of their products are their family recipes that have been around for at least 60 years. The name of the brand Sah Beauty Solutions comes from their mother’s initials ‘Sah’. The brand provides most of their products in the powder form as powders can be used for a long time. They also offer subscription boxes too. To explore visit their Instagram page Sahbeautysolutionshyd.


Khaleesi Bath Powder:

This newly launched bath powder, made with the finest quality milk, and roses, is a Queen’s luxury in a bottle. The bath powder moisturizes skin, removes dryness, flakiness, and skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis etc. Besides providing soothing aroma, roses relieve itchiness, pimples and gives a very natural glow. With regular use, it makes your skin healthy and glowing from within.




Goat Milk, Rose Petals, Oats.

Goat Milk with its antibacterial properties is a great cleanser for acne prone skin. Packed with vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and enzymes, goat milk gives healthy and nourished skin, keeps the skin soft and moisturized, prevents premature aging, relieves irritation and inflammation, maintains pH balance of the skin, repairs damaged skin faster.


Rose Petals relaxes the body, reduces stress, promotes glowing skin, locks moisture into dry skin cells.

Oats with antioxidant properties protect skin from environmental damages, helps reduce itching, and inflammation calms and heals eczema and psoriasis, effectively soothes sunburn.




Just add a teaspoon of the powder into your bath water and enjoy the luxurious bathing.

Price: INR 750/- for 100g.


The powder comes in a sturdy plastic tub with a yellow screw cap. On the outer part of the tub, the name of the brand and the product has been provided. But no ingredients list given on the label. Though, as I asked them for the ingredients, immediately I got the list. But here is my request to the brand, to provide the full ingredient list, benefits, and usage on the label.



My Experience:

I have replaced the bath powder with my regular soap. For about 2 weeks I’ve been using it daily. Sometimes I apply the powder directly on my wet body or sometimes make a paste mixing with plain water. The powder has a mixed fragrance of milk and Rose petals, though the milk smells a bit strong. It has a mild and natural fragrance that’s not irritating at all.



When you take the powder you will feel it a bit coarse, but as it comes in contact with water it has become soft like anything. The rose petals and oats can be seen in the paste easily. The super soft paste doesn’t irritate my skin at all, rather gives a relaxing and luxurious bathing experience. When I rub the paste on my skin, I can see it drawing out all impurities and pollutants from my skin. It gives a good hydration and moisturization. I usually apply body lotion after bath. Now, I sometimes skip my lotion, or if I apply very less amount is needed. If your body skin is oily, you can easily skip the lotion. You need a little amount of the powder for your whole body. So, it can be said a little goes a long way. Khaleesi Bath Powder has made my skin soft, smooth and radiant.

The dry skin beauties can use the paste on your face as a face cleanser. It will give you a hydrated and healthy glowing skin that is the dream of every dry skin gal. But those who have oily skin don’t try as it will make your face oilier.


Overall, I am happy with the bath powder and going to repurchase after finishing this one. I strongly recommend you to buy those who want to get healthy and radiant glowing skin. Buy from sahbeautysolutionshyd

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for reviews more such natural products.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

Get Rid Off Dull and Lifeless skin with Wild Rose Face Mask from Vilvah Store.

Today I am going to talk about another product from Vilvah Store. It’s a face mask, Wild Rose Face Mask. You know face masks are the perfect skincare treatment to help you with your skin care concerns. If you can choose right face mask according to your skin type and skin concern, that can help hydrate your skin, remove excess oil, and improve the appearance of pores. The masks also can excellently pull out impurities from the skin. Reading this, you might have been thinking of buying one. So, here I am going to tell you about this wonderful face mask Wild Rose Face Mask from Vivah Store. Let’s start with the review.




This Coimbatore based brand offers natural skincare and cosmetics products with freshest organic, chemical free, synthetic fragrances and preservatives free ingredients to treat our skin making it healthy and flawless. All that they create truly natural, with an emphasis on the ingredients, that are plant-based, organic and food-grade. The oils used in their products are cold-pressed and stem-distilled, leading to premium quality products. Explore the store On Facebook.


You can also read Get Flawless Skin With Moringa and Argan Beautifying Serum From Vilvah Store


Wild Rose Face Mask:

Get the radiant illuminating glow with nature’s powerful ingredients with this Wild Rose Face Mask. This magical elixir is made to lift senses and complexion and to give you an experience of facial being done at home.






Aloe Vera, French Pink Clay, Kaolin Clay, Licorice Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Country Rose, Rose Hydrosol.


Wild Rose




After cleansing your face, wipe it dry and apply the face mask on your face and neck. Relax for 20 minutes with an uplifting aroma of the mask and then wash the face off.

  • Don’t need to mix with any fluid. It’s a ready-to-use face mask.

  • Suitable for all skin types.Won’t dry out the face like commercial ones.




Price INR 399/- for 100g.



The mask comes in a transparent plastic tub with a black screw lid. On the outer part of the tub, the name of the brand and the product is printed with other information. But the tub packaging has no leak proof lid and so the mask comes out in the inner part of the lid if you carry it anywhere. So my request is to the brand to provide an extra lid under the main black lid.

My Experience:

The first thing I love about the mask is its smell. It has a sweet and mild smell of Rose and aloe vera. The scent is mild enough not to irritate my sensitive nose that doesn’t bear any strong scent. The mask is of brick red color and it has a soft and thin texture that is incredibly gentle for the skin. So, sensitive skin pretties can use it.





I’ve been using the mask for almost one and a half months. I apply it once in a week, usually after coming back from the work, according to the direction of the brand. It has a semi-thick consistency that is quite easy to apply.

As I wash off, each time I experience the instant glow that stays for 3/4 days. It makes the skin softer and suppler, though can’t shrink my large pores. I generally apply the mask on my drier cheeks. As I have combination skin, I have to take individual care for different parts of my face. It doesn’t make my skin dry, rather I feel nicely hydrated after washing it off. Twice I have used it on my whole face, to see if it can be used by the oily skin beauties. It worked well on my T-zone, that is the oilier part of my face. The mask has absorbed the excess oil and the good thing is it hasn’t given me any breakout.

The mask has reduced my tan, acne scars and also has drawn out the dirt and pollutants. So, those of you are working it’s the face treatment for you. Without stepping out of the home, you can get rid of your skin problems.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Wild Rose Face Mask. It has fulfilled the claims done by the brand. So, I recommend you to try the mask once. To buy visit here.


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more such natural products.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


A Review of Skincare Villa Shop Facial Oil.

Until recently I was among those who get scared to use oils on their combination to oily skin. I would believe that oil did make my face major breakout. But now I have been slowly introducing facial oils in my beauty routine. One such oil, I’m going to talk about today is a facial oil from the brand Skincare Villa Shop.




Some Facts About Facial Oils:

  • The plant-based facial oils with loads of antioxidant, vitamins and nutrients give good hydration, nourishment, providing a healthy skin.
  • The oils get absorbed and start working into the skin more quickly than the creams do. The creams just create a moisture layer on the top.
  • In the acne-prone skin, oils balance the sebum production of the skin and helps the skin’s own oil flow instead of clogging.

The Facial Oil from Skincare Villa Shop:

Now, let’s start with the review of the facial oil from Skincare Villa Shop. I ordered this facial oil when I saw Sonali, the person behind Skincare Villa Shop introduced Coffee Infused Oil and Green Tea Infused Oil on Instagram. She has customized this facial oil according to my skin type.





Grapeseed oil, Coffee infused oil, Green Tea infused oil, Almond Seed Oil and Rosemary Essential oil. 

Coffee Infused Oil with antioxidant and caffeine fights free radicals, keeps the aging at bay, tightens and brightens the skin, reduces dark circles.

Green Tea Infused Oil reduces wrinkles and fine lines, removes blemishes and any spots, like acne scars, age spots, treats dark circles and puffy eyes, providing glowing skin.

Almond Seed Oil deep cleanses skin and prevents acne, removes tan, treats eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, provides flawless skin, reduces signs of aging.

Grapeseed Oil restores collagen, fights aging, treats acne, tightens skin, helps diminish dark circles around eyes.

Rosemary Oil protects skin from the damage caused by free radicals and the sun rays, stimulates the cell growth to fight aging, treats any kind of skin infections.

Price: INR 350/- for 30 ml, including shipping.


The golden brown colored oil comes in a dark brown colored glass bottle with a dropper dispenser. On the outer part of the bottle, the logo of Skincare Villa Shop is pasted.



My Experience:


The oil has a thin but refined texture with a very mild smell that only you get as you open the bottle. When you apply on your face you can’t smell it. It’s a mixed fragrance of all the oils in which the smell of coffee is a bit strong. The oil is very light and I don’t feel greasy or sticky on my skin. It’s absorbed immediately after applying on the face and neck. I use it as under eye oil too. The oil doesn’t leave my combination to oily skin oily too, rather it gives an instant glow to my face.




I’ve been using the oil almost for one and a half weeks. I use the oil at the bedtime as my night nourishment. I apply 3 drops on my cleansed face and the under eye area and 4 drops on the neck. One must shake well the bottle before using.

First of all, this oil has reduced much my open pores, giving me a polished look. You know, open pores happen due to extra oil production during this wet weather. The open pores bring with it acne and blemishes that result in the dull and lifeless skin. This facial oil is the medicine of all these problems. The oil delivers a much-needed skin pampering experience that leaves me feeling relaxed, soothed and recharged. So, I must say that this skin rejuvenating oil worth every penny.

Finally, I strongly recommend you who are tired of seeing your pale and sagging face, to give it a go and the best thing is you can add ingredients as per your choice and need to this oil. So, DM Sonali on the Instagram page and get this wonderful oil.


Thanks for reading. Coming with more such wonderful products.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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