Get A Rejuvenated Skin With Greenberry Organics Herbalism- Soothing Gel Mask

You know how much I love natural and organic products and if it’s from one of my favorite brands, I can’t resist myself from sharing my feeling about that product with you. So, here’s come a new launch from the brand Greenberry Organics, Herbalism Soothing Gel Mask- The Power Of 10 Herbs. Let’s start with the product.




Before starting with the product, I want to tell you that as I’ve started using the products from Greenberry Organics my skin is becoming healthy and flawless gradually. That’s only because their products are all organic and vegan and regarding the quality, the brand never compromises with anything. These are the facts why the products give so good results to everyone, without giving any irritation or side effects. Visit their Facebook page, Instagram page.


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Herbalism- Soothing Gel Mask:

It’s a soothing gel mask with the power of 10 herbs to provide instant hydration to dry and sun damaged skin, calms the skin, reduces dark spots, inflammation and provides the essential nourishment.





Pure Rosewater, Aloe Vera Powder, Neem Ext, Turmeric Ext, Chandan Ext, Calendula Ext, Camomile Ext, Guar Gum, Gum Acacia, Glycerine.

Rose with its anti-inflammatory properties, cleans the clogged pores, Aloe Vera provides natural moisturization and lightens blemishes and any spots, Neem ext contains a high level of antioxidants that provide protection to the skin. Chandan, Turmeric, and Calendula help in reducing skin pigmentation fights free radicals and boosts natural glow with visibly clearer skin.


100% Natural and Vegan, made from pure oils and extracts, Against Animal Testing, Handmade with Love, Environment safe packaging, No artificial colors or fragrances. Suitable for all skin types.





How To Apply:

Use the product on a slightly damp face as a mask, apply all over the face liberally ( avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth, and nostrils). Leave the product for 15-20 minutes. Wash off gently. Apply face mists from the brand, followed by a cream or lotion if required.


Price: INR 625/- for 100g.




The gel comes in a sturdy transparent plastic jar with a white plastic screw lid with a leak proof second layer. The packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly.




My Experience:

The moss green colored gel mask comes with neem particles in it. The gel smells divine and one can smell the neem and turmeric among all the other ingredients. The smell is not strong and doesn’t irritate the sensitive nose and it’s quite refreshing too.







My super sensitive skin loves gel masks as these masks are gentle and soft to the skin and don’t irritate the skin. I’ve been using it for almost one week. I’ve used the mask 5 times within this period and I use it at night before going to bed. I apply the mask according to the direction of the brand. As I apply the first thing I feel the cooling impact it gives on the face. I keep it for 20-25 minutes and wash off with water. The mask doesn’t dry at all and my skin feels happy.  As I wash my face can see a fresh and clear skin. It has made my skin soft and is gradually reducing acne. It draws out impurities, absorbs excess oil, works on blemishes and gives good nourishment and hydration to the skin.

Overall, I am happy with Herbalism Soothing Gel Mask. It has given me a healthy glowing and rejuvenated skin. I strongly recommend anyone with any skin types, even the sensitive skin types to try the mask once. You can buy it from Amazon


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Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


*P.R samples.


Get Healthy Glow On Your Face With Yami Herbals Skin Brightening Face Pack

When my friends ask me for the cause of my flawless skin, my reply always is to keeping faith on natural skincare. Actually, my skincare routine is very simple. I don’t go to any salon or I don’t spend money on costly beauty products. What I do, is to go for natural and organic products and to ditch the nasty chemicals those are harsh, unhealthy, causing damage to the skin. One such product that I have recently incorporated in my weekly skincare ritual, is the Skin Brightening Face Pack from Yami Herbals. Then, let’s start with the product.




The Brand: Yami Herbals


Yami Herbals is a brand that always uses traditional natural ingredients in their products. Shylja, the person behind the brand, says that “when you switch to natural skincare, you are not only saving your skin from the harsh chemicals, but saving the environment also”. So, to give the customers skin safe products, they offer 100% chemical and preservative free products. To know more about Yami Herbals visit their Facebook page.




Skin Brightening Face Pack:

  • Promotes healthy and smooth skin.
  • Gives fresh appearance.
  • Reduces appearance of blemishes gradually.
  • Enhances mood of skin.
  • Contains high amount of anti-aging properties.
  • Uplift your skin and fight against fine lines.
  • De-tan your skin.
  • Great aid in warding off sagging skin.
  • Fight against free radicals.
  • Combating dry skin.





take half spoon of herbal face powder. Mix it well with curd/rose water/raw milk. Apply it on your whole face and leave for 20 minutes, then massage in upward circular motion and wash off with plain water.


Badam, Pista, Fenugreek, Organic green gram, Aavaram flower, Groundnut, Organic orange peel powder, Pudina leaves, Cucumber seeds, Potato starch, Neem leaves and flower, Oats, Samba wheat and Pattai strips.





150 INR for 100g.


The brown colored face powder comes in a transparent plastic bottle with neon green screw lid. The has provided a measuring spoon too with the packaging.


My Experience:

I’ve been using the face pack for quite a long time. I make the paste mixing with raw milk/rose water. As I have sensitive skin, I don’t use curd on my face to avoid redness and itching. For sensitive skin I recommend to mix the powder only with raw milk to make a soft paste, whereas with rose water the paste becomes little harsh. That’s why first time I used the rose water, but as I experienced very little redness, I use only milk now. I keep the mask on my face for 10-15 minutes, so that it is semi dried. Then sprinkle some milk on the face and massage for 1-2 minutes and wash off with plain water.










When I massage on my face I can feel the oats and badam (Almond) granules. The granules are soft and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. My skin can’t take any coarse granules. It works as a deep cleansing, scrubbing and de-tanning agent at the same time. I saw it drawing out dirt and impurities of my face. It doesn’t make my skin dry, instead gives a healthy hydrated, soft and clear face. If you want to use it as a cleanser only, you can use the face pack every day. It is safe for every skin type. It works from the very first use, providing an instant glow on your face. If you have an evening party on weekday and coming back from work with pale and tired face, go for it and you can experience a lifted and radiant look immediately. I was watching open pores every day in the morning, some days back. You know, this is a big issue for combination to oily skin during wet summer and monsoon. After regular usage, I am watching the pores to be shrinking gradually.


Overall, I am quite happy with the all-encompassing face pack. I have taken quite a long time to write the review, that is because I wanted to experience its effect in the long run. Now, I can say that it has shown its result as the brand claims. It is suitable for all skin types. Especially the matured and damaged skin women will get wonderful result from the pack. So, I strongly recommend you to use Skin Brightening Face Pack and I bet, your skin will be happy. To buy visit their Facebook page or contact Shylaja on her whatsapp number 7358813032.

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Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


*P.R. samples

Amara Organix Handmade Soaps Review

Hi pretties,

You all know my passion for ‘organic and natural skin care’. Actually, organic or natural skin care is something about which you need not be skeptical about their benefits. They will make you look healthy, youthful and refreshed without harming your skin as the chemical laden products do. I came across much such skincare brands among which Amara Organix is one. Amara Organix believes in the products those are safe for skin and hence, strives to deliver natural, organic and handmade concoction of skin-friendly products. They are now operating from their Facebook page, but their website is launching soon.




Amara Organix recently has launched handmade and organic soaps besides other skincare products. They have sent me two soaps from their range, Rice Bran Turmeric Soap and Camel Milk with Cedarwood & Rose Essential Oil Soap. I am using them and today I am going to tell my thoughts on them. So, let’s dive into the soaps.




Rice Bran Turmeric Anti Tan Ubtan Soap:

This handmade soap packed with different oils and other rich natural ingredients is an exquisite soap to give you a mildest and the best cleansing experience for your body and face. It belongs to their Healing Soaps range.




Main Ingredients: 

Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Glycerine, Sucrose, Demineralized water, Rice Bran Oil, Rice Bran Ext, Sandalwood Ext, Turmeric Ext, Turmeric EO, Lemon zest powder, Lemon EO.

Rice Bran with Vitamin E and antioxidants nourishes the skin from within, leaving the skin healthy and soft, soothes and calms the irritated skin, helps skin’s overall regeneration process, slows down the aging process. Turmeric helps reduce acne and any scars. Its anti-inflammatory properties shrink pores and calm skin, reduces excess skin oils, protects skin from sun damage, prevents the process of aging, treats skin concerns like eczema, psoriasis etc.

Packaging and Price:

The soap comes in a regular transparent plastic packaging tied with a ribbon. The ingredients list is added in a separate paper. The 115g soap costs INR 175/-.




My Experience:

I’ve been using the soap for 2 weeks in my evening shower after coming back home from work. The soap has a mild scent of rice water. It is so mild and natural that does not irritate my sensitive nose. This is one of the causes why I like natural products. They smell so mild (even if a little bit strong) that you will be refreshed by the scent. Let’s come to the working part.

I use it on my face and body both. Yes! You have read it right. First, I rub the soap on my palm to form a lather and apply on the face. And for the body sometimes I rub it directly on the skin, especially on hands, back, and legs. It is very soft and gentle on the skin. It forms creamy lather and washes out dirt and pollutants nicely. After washing my face, I always feel my face soft and fresh. It controls oil and lightens the skin. The best part is that it hydrates the skin and I can feel the hydration for long hours.


Camel Milk Soap with Cedarwood and Rose Essential Oil:

The soap is made with Camel Milk, Cedarwood, and Rose Essential Oil to cleanse and revitalize the skin. It is from their Exotic Soap range.



Camel Milk has the natural anti-bacterial property that has made the soap a mild and effective cleanser, it helps remove dead skin cells, heals acne, eczema, and other chronic skin concerns, the natural AHA in the camel milk plumps the skin and smooth fine lines or wrinkles. Cedarwood reduces skin irritations, cures acne, cleans out toxins, relieves senses too. Rose Essential Oil helps balance moisture level in the skin, promotes an even skin tone and gives a healthy complexion, uplifts emotions.


Packaging and Price:

This soap also comes in a regular plastic packaging with a knotted ribbon. The ingredients list has been provided on a separate paper. 115g soap costs INR 195/-.




My Experience:

The pink colored soap looks more like a flower than the regular soap. I use the soap on face and body both. The soap has a sweet scent of rose with a mild smell of milk. But the rose scent is stronger. Every day it gives me a luxurious and healthy cleansing experience. I use it on my wet face and body. It forms a rich buttery lather that is very soft and gentle to the skin. The soap cleanses impurities and dirt effectively and the best part is that it can remove makeup too, though to remove the eye and lip makeup completely you have to take the help of makeup remover.


Overall, these two soaps have stolen my heart completely. It is a unique experience for a person like me who has never used any soap on her face. Both cleanse properly and I didn’t experience any breakouts during these two weeks. Do you want to know which one I like the best? Honestly speaking, I can’t say which I love the most. Both of the two has a special quality, while Rice Bran Turmeric Soap provides long-lasting hydration, Camel Milk with Cedarwood and Rose Essential soap removes my makeup effectively. So, I strongly recommend you to buy them and your skin will love them. To buy visit here. Also, you can order through the WhatsApp no 8056592923.

So, which one do you want to buy? Have you ever used any product from their range? Please let me know your thoughts on them.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


*P.R. samples.

Wrap Your Body With Rose After Bath Cream From Greenberry Organics

I am a person who without applying body lotion after every shower doesn’t think her shower done. So, I always look for body creams that keep me hydrated all day long and at the same time would be organic and handcrafted. And my search has ended here in the new launch of Greenberry Organics, Rose After Bath Cream. Let’s start with the body cream.




Rose After Bath Cream:

I am delighted to get the chance to review this amazing body cream. Let’s start with the body cream.





It is a gel based after bath cream that is very light and gentle on the body. It not only leaves your skin soft and hydrated but wraps you with the freshness of those dewy roses all throughout the day. The cream is the concoction of Pure Rose Oil and Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Aloe Vera Ext. It’s recommended to use daily after shower to keep your skin nourished and revitalized.




The best part of all Greenberry Organics products that they are  

Against Animal Testing. 

Handmade with Love.

The brand believes in small batch production to ensure freshness of ingredients and products.

Assorted and Ethical sourcing.

All natural ingredients.

Earth Friendly Packaging. 

Sulfate free and Paraben Free




Packaging And Price:

The cream has a sophisticated and user-friendly packaging. It comes in a milk white round tub with a same white screw lid. The name of the brand and the product are printed on the tub with other details. The 200 ml cream costs INR 599/-.


My Experience:

The milky white body cream smells divine. As I open the main lid, I can smell the rose itself. My washroom is filled with the scent every day and it stays long. I know if you smell it you will go crazy behind the cream.




OMG! why the picture doesn’t smell! Whatever, now let’s start with the effectivity. It is a cream-based gel, neither thick nor runny. Can be easily applied and is absorbed into the skin in no time. I don’t feel greasy or sticky at all. So, it can be used daily and all the year long. It keeps my skin hydrated all the day and leaves me with a cooling sensation. The cream with its rose smell gives a refreshing and soothing sensation. It can help you get rid of body odor, especially during the wet summer when we sweat a lot. It is suitable for every skin type, including acne prone, sensitive skin.

I know you are excited to buy reading all. Let’s help you with the link. Buy here.

I think you have enjoyed reading. Do try it and let me know your experiences.

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Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


*P.R. sample. But my review is honest.

Pamper Yourself With Greenberry Organics Indian Rose Oil Body Wash Gel

This summer Greenberry Organics has launched some body washes to give us fabulous and refreshing bathing experience. Among which Indian Rose Oil Body Wash Gel is one. Today, I am going to share my experiences about the body wash gel.





Indian Rose Oil Body Wash Gel:

A fragrant blend of finest Indian Rose Essential Oil that provides the deep therapeutic effect on the skin. Perfect for humid, dry and sweat riddled summer days.

With its charming, comforting and seductive scent, Rose Essential Oil has a deep effect on emotions and a nourishing effect on the skin. It refreshes and relaxes the senses, and thus reduces stress, comforts dry and irritated skin, tones and tightens the skin, reduces blemishes and helps in treating acne. So does the body wash gel loaded with rose essential oil.

The Body Wash Gel cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells and pollutants. Nourishes the skin Secretly with the goodness of Vitamin E Oil.




100% Paraben free and Sulphate free formula, Antibacterial, Controls Acne, Removes Body Odor, Cooling Sensation, Effective for skin Cellulite, Against Animal Testing, Handmade with Love, Environment safe packaging, Assorted and Ethical Sourcing, 100% Natural and Vegan.





Aqua, Corn, and Coconut based Surfactant, Aloe Vera Extract, Pure Indian Rose Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

Price and Packaging:

The Body Wash Gel comes in a transparent squeezable plastic bottle with a black pump nozzle. The luxurious packaging makes it user-friendly and economical to use. You can pump that much you need. The 200 ml Gel costs INR 599/-.





My Experience:

The gel is light red with pink undertone. And the fragrance is divine, just like you have grown a thousand roses in your garden. The consistency is neither thick nor so runny and that’s the reason why it’s easy to use when applying. It gives a good lather but not so much foamy. Very gentle and soft to the skin. I need only 3-4 pumps for my whole body.



The Body Wash has made my evening shower refreshing. After the whole busy schedule when I apply the gel on my wet skin, feel relaxed and rested in no time. The sweet and gorgeous aroma of rose essential oil is so intense that I feel like going through a holistic stress relief spa therapy. It has made my skin soft and bright and the slight cooling effect on the skin is also felt, that is due to Aloe Vera extract I think. The gel draws out oil, dirt, and pollutants effectively. The Body Wash then more a treatment than a mere washing agent.


Overall, I am quite happy with the body wash. If you need a body wash that is hydrating and cooling and at the same time will give your skin a healthy and radiant glow, You have no other choice but go for it. To buy visit

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Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

*P.R. samples, but my review is honest.

Get A Relaxing Bathing Experience withYami Herbals Homemade Bath Powder

Today I am going to talk about a product that is effective not only for the pretty ladies but for those sweet angels too. Yes, you are right! I am talking about the Homemade Herbal Bath Powder from Yami Herbals. They have sent me three products to write reviews on them, a face pack, hair pack and a body pack. The first product I have chosen to write is the body pack because among the three I love the most is the Body powder. Let’s start with the review then.


The Brand: Yami Herbals:

The person behind the brand Shylaja Pradeep has started the brand to give us Head-to-toe natural and chemical free care. Listen from her own voice about the brand -“Have You Ever Thought – Are Your Hair And Skincare Products Causing More Harm Than Good?

Unfortunately, every day millions of people unknowingly use chemical-filled products that not only don’t help your skin and hair but actually harm your skin and hair. Your body is the largest living organ. And beauty and skincare products contain toxins and chemicals suffocate your skin. In long run, they lose their life and glow. Hence, Yami Herbals, a unique boutique beauty brand, developing its products and blends keeping CSA – climate, skin type, and age as the three determinant attributes.

We are confident on our endeavor to bring the best to your doorstep will be accepted and appreciated by you. Believe in Yami herbals. It’s simply 100%natural and homemade.”


Homemade Herbal Bath Powder:

This traditional herbal bath powder is made of organic, safe and pure herbs and pulses to deeply cleanse the skin, promoting good skin health of moms, babies, and toddlers. The use of lots of herbs has made the bath powder an antiseptic product that is absolutely safe for the babies, preventing any skin concern.



Keeps skin clear.

Prevents acne, blemishes, and allergies.

Treats skin ailments.

Reduces hair growth on the skin.

Brings a glow to the skin and leaves a natural aroma of cool herbs after bath.

100% Natural, No Chemicals, No side effects.






Some of the ingredients include crushed Almond, Navara Rice, Kasturi, Vetiver etc. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and lubricate the skin. Mudga powder and Chanaka powders form a gentle cleansing base. Navara rice used in classical Ayurvedic treatments, cultivated only in Kerala is great for exfoliation. Orange peel clears the skin and imparts the glow. Vetiver cools the skin while removing any pigmented spot. Kasturi enhances the complexion.



Whole green gram, neem leaves, aavarampoo, rose petals, kasthuri manjal/ wild turmeric, vetiver/ khus, poolan kilangu/ white turmeric, dried lemon pool/ orange peel, korai kizhangu (we call nut grass rhizomes Korai Kizhangu/Muthakasu in Tamil and Nagarmotha in Hindi), black jeera, karpoga arisi, vasambu and shikakai (Shikakai is a great herb for skin also, especially in treating skin related diseases like scabies, dry skin etc and regular use of shikakai on the skin can prevent further skin infections). 





Packaging and Price:

The bath powder comes in a sturdy transparent jar with a lime green screw cap. Around the jar on a colorful paper, The name of the brand and the product and other information are written. The 100g powder costs INR 120/- + shipping. Anyone can order more if she needs more in quantity.

Directions to Use:

Take the required amount of bath powder and mix with water/milk to make a thick paste. Apply it all over the body, leave for 5 minutes and rinse off with water. Or you can even use it as a dry scrub for simply scrubbing the skin and then washing off with water.

My Experience:

As I first opened the tub what attracted me is the smell. It reminded me of my childhood days when my mom would make a bath pack mixing with neem, haldi, orange peel and some herbs the names I can’t recall now. Immediately I got that the Bath powder is 100% natural, as the brand claims. Another thing I like that the brand has provided a small spoon with the product to take it out of the jar. Then, you need not use your fingers.




First time I used the powder with plain water to know the exact effect of the body powder. I took 4 spoons and mixed with water to form the paste. Applied all over the body and kept for 5 minutes, then rubbed a little with very gentle stroke and washed off. It’s a nice experience with the powder. I have used it almost 4/5 times. It has given me a clear and radiant skin, leaving my skin super hydrated. Every day after bathing I use body lotion throughout the year. After each use of the body powder, I need not use any lotion and the skin stays hydrated the whole day. Once I have mixed the powder with milk, but the result is same. The bath powder itself is so effective that the liquid to be mixed doesn’t matter at all. It has almost removed the tan from the hands and feet. So, it has done everything the brand claims.


Overall, I am too happy with the bath powder and recommend you to try it. I bet, your skin will thank you. To know more about the brand and the products visit the Facebook page and to buy call or Whatsapp on 7358813032.

Have you ever used any product from Yami herbals? Please share your thoughts here then.


Review on Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask and Face Serum From Mitti Se

Today I am going to share another new brand and their products– Mitti Se. Like all other brands, I talked before Mitti Se also offers Pure, Natural and Eco-friendly beauty and wellness and cleaning products. I have purchased some products from their website with bloggers discount and they also have sent me some samples. Today I am going to talk about two skincare products, one is Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask and another is Face Serum with Sea Buckthorn & Lavender. But let me introduce the brand first.


The Brand: Mitti Se:

The brand name Mitti Se means ‘From the Earth’. They offer the products the ingredients of which are made with Ayurvedic formulations that are tried and tested over the years. Their goal is  “to make our homes, our lifestyles and earth safer. We provide affordable alternatives to reduce dependence on harmful & unsustainable chemicals”. Explore their website and Facebook page to know more.


Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask:

It’s a powder cleanser for deep pore cleansing. The cleanser removes toxins, nourishes, tones, stimulates healing and removes blemishes.


To Use;

Mix with rose water or plain water (read drinking water) to make a thick paste. For deep pore cleansing use as a mask. For daily cleansing apply on the face and massage gently and rinse.


Nutrient rich river bed Clay saturated in Aloe Vera.

River bed Clay acts as a detoxifying agent to draw out dirt and pollutants of clogged pores. It also can brighten dull, tired skin, help prevent breakouts, heal any skin disorders, mattify the skin by absorbing excess sebum, resurface and rejuvenate the skin.

Aloe Vera acts as an Ayurvedic medicine. It reduces skin inflammation, heals any skin concerns like acne, psoriasis, eczema, removes tan, blemishes, any spots or scars, works on wrinkles and fine lines too.

Suitable for all skin types. Can be used for babies as a soap substitute.

Safe, earth-friendly, handcrafted with minimal processing to preserve the purity of ingredients.

Shelf Life: 5 years after Mfg. dt.


Packaging And Price:

The clay-colored product comes in a transparent sturdy plastic jar with a black screw cap. The 80g powder costs INR 220/-.

My Experience:

I’ve been using the cleanser every night since the day I have received it. I think It’s been 8-9 days. I always prefer special treatment products to use on the skin at night before bed, so that it will get a whole night to show its result. The gray powder has a very mild scent that is quite negligible and honestly I can’t recognize the scent may be for the first time. Whatever, the scent is natural and is so mild that it doesn’t bother even any sensitive nose.


I use it mixing with drinking water and as a cleanser only. I take required amount on my palm, add water to make the paste and apply on all over the face and neck. I wait only for 1 min and rub for another 1 min with gentle upward and outward stroke and rinse with water. The result is fresh and bright face. Before started using the cleanser, I was seeing open pores on my cheeks and blackheads on the tip of the nose and on the chin. You know these are very common for combination to oily skins during summer. After using for 2-3 days I experienced them reducing and now they are almost gone. I think after some more days the face will be totally clear.

The cleanser can also be used by dry and normal skin type to get rid of dull and pale face. Overall, the Aloe Clay Cleanser and Mask is worth trying.

Face Serum: Sea Buckthorn And Lavender:

Regenerates skin cells, removes wrinkles, heals and repaires damaged skin.


To Use:

Apply few drops on damp skin and leave overnight.


Sea Buckthorn Oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Wheatgerm oil and Essential oil of Lavender.

Sea Buckthorn contains Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 and very high level of beta-carotene that are known for their effects on skin’s health. It is the perfect oil to fight premature aging, prevent acne, revive skin cells, giving a healthy and youthful skin.

Jojoba oil helps in regenerating the skin cells, controls acne, soothes the irritated skin.

Avocado oil hydrates and softens the skin, effectively treats blackheads, acne, eczema and other skin inflammations.

Wheatgerm oil heals cracked and scarred skin, giving it an even tone and provides natural hydration to the skin.

Lavender oil treats acne, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles. It soothes irritated nd itchy skin, and insect bites too.

Shelf Life: 3 years from Mfg. dt.


Packaging and Price:

The golden orange colored serum comes in a dark brown glass bottle with a dropper cap. This dropper helps use the serum economically. The 25 ml serum costs INR 795/-.

My Experience:

It is an oil based serum. That’s the reason why I was a bit sceptical to use it on my combination skin, as my skin tends to experience breakouts and acne during summer. But somehow I purchasd it seeing the ingredients list. the serum has mild sweet mixed smell of all the oils in it. Among all the oils you can easily smell the lavender oil in the serum, though the scent is very mild. But that is enough for relaxing your senses.


I apply the serum every night after cleansing by the powder cleanser and toning (by rose water) my face and before my regular night cream. I take 3 drops for my face and 4 drops for my neck, apply amply and even around my eye area. After the first night as I woke up in the morning to my surprise I saw my alredy excisting red bumps reduced much and my face is quite clear and toned. After using for a week, now I can see 1-2 red bumps though they have shrinked much. It has reduced the heat rashes on my neck and has given me a healthy glowing skin.

The combo has made me much happy with the results they have shown within a week. I am recommending the combo for those are worried about your dull, unhealthy and rough skin texture and the dry skin prone to tanning or darkening. These two poducts are quite soft and gentle to the skin. So, the sensitive skin girls can also use it, provided don’t let the cleanser dry on your skin to avoid redness. 

I think today I have talked much. So I should take a break now.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee chattopadhyay.