Aloe Vera Hydro 3-in-1 Miracle Gel from Greenberry Organics: A Review and Uses

Today I am going to tell you about another new launch from Greenberry Organics Aloe Vera Hydro 3-in-1 Miracle Gel. Aloe Vera is called “The Plant Of Immortality” because of its innumerable benefits on our overall health. It’s a medicinal plant with a multitude of uses whether to be used topically or taken internally. Aloe Vera can heal with its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. So you can understand how much I was happy when I received the gel from Greenberry Organics. Let’s start with the product.




Aloe Vera Hydro 3-in-1 Miracle Gel:

The gel is completely safe and multipurpose Aloe Vera gel which can be used on hair, scalp, face, and body for adequate intense moisturization and hydration. The gel forms a protective barrier that helps retain moisture and promotes healing of the skin. The gel can work on sunburns, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, pimples and acne, minor cuts, burns, and wounds. For the best results, it can be used as the makeup base to protect skin from the damages of the harsh chemicals in the makeup products.






Aloe Vera Juice, Aqua, Pentavitin, Gel Base, Fragrance, Natural Vitamin E.

Pentavitin is plant derived ingredient provides instant deep hydration and generates a moisture reservoir that lasts for 72 hours, is effective both on skin and scalp.

Vitamine E acts as a skin moisturizer, prevents premature aging, treats sunburn, lightens dark spots, treats stretch marks and stimulates hair growth, prevents premature graying, works on split ends.

All Greenberry Organics products are against animal testing, handmade with love, environment safe packaging, assorted and ethical sourcing, Paraben and Phthalates free, 100% natural and vegan and made from plant oils and extracts.




How To Apply:

Apply liberally on any body part.

Net Wt. 100g

Price: INR 575/-.




The gel comes in a transparent plastic jar with a screw lid under which you can get the protective lid. The packaging is very lightweight and user-friendly. As it has that extra lid to protect the gel to leak you can carry it everywhere you go.




My Experience:

The white colored gel is a multitasking product. It smells very sweet and mild. It’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t irritate the skin, rather when applying gives a cooling sensation. You can use it in different ways:

  • As a moisturizer.
  • Makeup Remover.
  • Lip Balm.
  • Hair Gel.
  • Cuticle Cream.
  • With the face mask or hair pack.
  • Body lotion.
  • Eyelash growth.




I have been using it almost for two weeks in different ways. Let me share the ways I am using the gel.


Every day I go through the basic skincare routine, i.e. C-T-M. In this C-T-M the moisturizing part is this Aloe Vera Hydro Gel. In the morning under my sunscreen I layer my face with the gel and at night I use under my night cream as the face serum. The gel calms and soothes the skin and gives good hydration without giving any breakouts to my acne prone combination skin.


I use the gel as the makeup base to protect my skin from the harmful chemicals of the makeup products. As you know before applying liquid lipstick a good hydrating lip balm should be applied. The gel comes as the life saver then too as the lip balm. It hydrates and moisturizes the lips to get prepared for liquid lipsticks.


Whenever I use any DIY face masks I mix the ingredients with gel and apply. The mask works more effectively with the goodness of aloe vera and natural vitamin E. In the hair packs too I mix the ingredients with this gel. It calms the scalp immediately I apply the mask, making my hair smoother and shinier.


I wax every month and my sensitive skin reacts each time with red bumps and itching. This month I’ve used this gel and it works miraculously and soothes my skin. I didn’t experience any reactions. The same result I saw at post eyebrow plucking application.


Another effect of the gel I experience on my son’s headache. My son suffers from a bad headache sometimes after the heavy pressure in his studies. This time I used the gel on his forehead. The gel worked amazingly with its calming and soothing agents.

These are the uses of Aloe Vera Hydro Gel I have made yet. And it works in every way. That’s why I’m very happy with the product. Do you also think it quite useful as I do? Then try this once and share your experience here. To buy visit Amazon and you can buy there on huge discount.


Thanks for reading. Will be coming soon with more such products.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


Omved Malati INTOXICATING Jasmine Blossoms Soap: Review and Pictures.

Hi lovelies,

In one of my previous post, you might have read my review on  Omved Eye Contour Rescue Gel and you know that how nicely it had worked on my under eye area. Today I am going to review another product from the same brand, Malati INTOXICATING Jasmine Blossoms Soap. Let’s start with the review.


Jasmine Blossoms Soap ( soothe, moisturize):




Saponified oils of Olive, Vegetable, and Castor Retained Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Jasmine Flower Ext. and Essential Oil. 


Price: INR 270/-

Net Wt: 125g.

100% Pure and Natural, Cold-pressed Handmade bath bar, Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Ecofriendly. No parabens, triclosan, sulfates, artificial fragrance or colors. Only Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and natural oils.





The transparent soap comes wrapped in a plastic paper and is layered by a moss green paper packaging on which the name of the soap, the brand name, and other details are written.




My Experience:

The first thing I wish to mention is its smell. The soap smells like original jasmine flower. When I open the soap case in the shower my washroom is filled with this divine smell. I feel like taking bath in the pool filled with jasmine.





I use the soap every day in my morning shower to get refreshed with the smell and really it does. It cleanses the skin nicely and yes, I use it on my face too. The soap is soft and gentle to the skin. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to use on my face, though I have super sensitive skin. But it has Aloe Vera as one of its ingredients and it is good for skin’s health and for any skin concerns too. The soap doesn’t make my face and body dry and gives no breakout to the face too. It keeps my skin moisturized and I need less body lotion after bath. So I can say that the soap works as the brand claims.


Overall I can say that the soap is perfect for summers, to give a soothing and refreshing bathing experience. You can buy it from the website of Omved.



Wrap Your Body With Rose After Bath Cream From Greenberry Organics

I am a person who without applying body lotion after every shower doesn’t think her shower done. So, I always look for body creams that keep me hydrated all day long and at the same time would be organic and handcrafted. And my search has ended here in the new launch of Greenberry Organics, Rose After Bath Cream. Let’s start with the body cream.




Rose After Bath Cream:

I am delighted to get the chance to review this amazing body cream. Let’s start with the body cream.





It is a gel based after bath cream that is very light and gentle on the body. It not only leaves your skin soft and hydrated but wraps you with the freshness of those dewy roses all throughout the day. The cream is the concoction of Pure Rose Oil and Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Aloe Vera Ext. It’s recommended to use daily after shower to keep your skin nourished and revitalized.




The best part of all Greenberry Organics products that they are  

Against Animal Testing. 

Handmade with Love.

The brand believes in small batch production to ensure freshness of ingredients and products.

Assorted and Ethical sourcing.

All natural ingredients.

Earth Friendly Packaging. 

Sulfate free and Paraben Free




Packaging And Price:

The cream has a sophisticated and user-friendly packaging. It comes in a milk white round tub with a same white screw lid. The name of the brand and the product are printed on the tub with other details. The 200 ml cream costs INR 599/-.


My Experience:

The milky white body cream smells divine. As I open the main lid, I can smell the rose itself. My washroom is filled with the scent every day and it stays long. I know if you smell it you will go crazy behind the cream.




OMG! why the picture doesn’t smell! Whatever, now let’s start with the effectivity. It is a cream-based gel, neither thick nor runny. Can be easily applied and is absorbed into the skin in no time. I don’t feel greasy or sticky at all. So, it can be used daily and all the year long. It keeps my skin hydrated all the day and leaves me with a cooling sensation. The cream with its rose smell gives a refreshing and soothing sensation. It can help you get rid of body odor, especially during the wet summer when we sweat a lot. It is suitable for every skin type, including acne prone, sensitive skin.

I know you are excited to buy reading all. Let’s help you with the link. Buy here.

I think you have enjoyed reading. Do try it and let me know your experiences.

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Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care Review.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


*P.R. sample. But my review is honest.

Pamper Yourself With Greenberry Organics Indian Rose Oil Body Wash Gel

This summer Greenberry Organics has launched some body washes to give us fabulous and refreshing bathing experience. Among which Indian Rose Oil Body Wash Gel is one. Today, I am going to share my experiences about the body wash gel.





Indian Rose Oil Body Wash Gel:

A fragrant blend of finest Indian Rose Essential Oil that provides the deep therapeutic effect on the skin. Perfect for humid, dry and sweat riddled summer days.

With its charming, comforting and seductive scent, Rose Essential Oil has a deep effect on emotions and a nourishing effect on the skin. It refreshes and relaxes the senses, and thus reduces stress, comforts dry and irritated skin, tones and tightens the skin, reduces blemishes and helps in treating acne. So does the body wash gel loaded with rose essential oil.

The Body Wash Gel cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells and pollutants. Nourishes the skin Secretly with the goodness of Vitamin E Oil.




100% Paraben free and Sulphate free formula, Antibacterial, Controls Acne, Removes Body Odor, Cooling Sensation, Effective for skin Cellulite, Against Animal Testing, Handmade with Love, Environment safe packaging, Assorted and Ethical Sourcing, 100% Natural and Vegan.





Aqua, Corn, and Coconut based Surfactant, Aloe Vera Extract, Pure Indian Rose Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

Price and Packaging:

The Body Wash Gel comes in a transparent squeezable plastic bottle with a black pump nozzle. The luxurious packaging makes it user-friendly and economical to use. You can pump that much you need. The 200 ml Gel costs INR 599/-.





My Experience:

The gel is light red with pink undertone. And the fragrance is divine, just like you have grown a thousand roses in your garden. The consistency is neither thick nor so runny and that’s the reason why it’s easy to use when applying. It gives a good lather but not so much foamy. Very gentle and soft to the skin. I need only 3-4 pumps for my whole body.



The Body Wash has made my evening shower refreshing. After the whole busy schedule when I apply the gel on my wet skin, feel relaxed and rested in no time. The sweet and gorgeous aroma of rose essential oil is so intense that I feel like going through a holistic stress relief spa therapy. It has made my skin soft and bright and the slight cooling effect on the skin is also felt, that is due to Aloe Vera extract I think. The gel draws out oil, dirt, and pollutants effectively. The Body Wash then more a treatment than a mere washing agent.


Overall, I am quite happy with the body wash. If you need a body wash that is hydrating and cooling and at the same time will give your skin a healthy and radiant glow, You have no other choice but go for it. To buy visit

You can also read Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care Review.


Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

*P.R. samples, but my review is honest.

The Review of Veda Essence Avocado Peppermint Tea Tree Vit E Soap

Hi pretties,

My today’s post is about a soap that I have received in ZoBag, May 2017. The soap is from the brand Veda Essence, Avocado Peppermint Tea Tree Vit E Soap. This all natural, handcrafted soap is perfect for the hot summer days. Excited. Right? Let’s start with the review then.


The Brand Veda Essence: 

Before starting with the product let’s talk about the brand. The mission of Veda Essence is to provide the natural, skin-friendly products that not only are beneficial for skin but care for the skin instead of damaging it in the long run. They are specialized in Cold-pressed Natural Oil Based soaps. Veda has brought for us over 30 different variants of soaps targeting different skin types and skin concerns. With carefully researched recipes the soaps benefit every individual skin needs. The soaps cleanse and at the same times nourish our skin. Moreover, all of them are all natural, free from parabens, chemicals, SLS’s lab created colors and additives.


download (1)


Avocado Peppermint Tea Tree Vit E Soap:

The soap consists of all natural ingredients. It’s a purely organic way to cleanse your skin without stripping it off of its natural softness. The soap is a beautiful blend of Tea Tree oil and Peppermint oil for the most refreshing natural scent.





Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm and Avocado Oil, Avocado Ext, Cocoa Butter, Vit E, Tea Tree and Peppermint Essential Oil.



Heals and restores skin glow with regular usage.

Avocado soothes dry and itchy skin, shields the skin against age-related wrinkles, fine lines.

Vit E makes skin soft and supple. Tea Tree and Peppermint reduces pigmentation, minimizes rashes, treats acne and improves skin complexion.

Price: Rs. 210/-

Skin Type: Normal

Age Type: 25- 40, 40-50.

Gender: Unisex.


The soap comes in a transparent plastic wrapping with a paper wrapping over it. On the paper, every info about the product with the brand name and product name are printed.





My Experience:

Now the main part of the post, how do I feel it on my skin. When I opened the soap what attracts me it’s color mixing. It’s soothing and summery. And the smell it has, just perfect for me. I don’t like anything overpowering. I think I have told all by saying this. It has a mixed smell of tea tree and peppermint oil. If you smell it will get relaxed instantly.




Now, how does my skin accept it? Yes, My skin is happy with the soap. I have included it in my evening shower when need some relaxing bath after the whole day’s busy schedule. I use the soap over my wet skin and it forms a good lather. It feels very soft on my skin, maybe due to olive oil and coconut oil. I can see the soap to clear off all pollutants and dirt I gather from the outside world. It can be washed off easily. After washing off I immediately feel a cooling impact on the skin that makes me sleepy, soothing my senses. It also is reducing blemishes gradually. My son has body acne. The soap is reducing that too and he also loves the soap. It does not make my skin dry, rather gives a good hydration. Overall, I have started loving the soap. 


Have used this or any other soap from Veda Essence? I am strongly recommending you to try this one. You will surely love it.

Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care Review.

The product that I’m going to talk about today is Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care from the brand Greenberry Organics. With the onset of summer, the sun is sizzling and with it brings some severe skin problems, like skin tan, or sunburn, and consequently the redness of the skin, itching, rashes, aggravation of acne (pimples) and all. In order to solve these skin concerns, you have to use such a product that will cool the skin and at the same time absorb the excess oil. And that all-encompassing product is Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care. So, without talking much, let’s get into the review of the miracle of Greenberry Organics. But before starting with the review, I want to tell you about the brand.


The Brand: Greenberry Organics: 

Greenberry OrganicsThe Man Soap Co. are makers of fresh, natural and handmade cosmetics assorted in small batches to ensure purity and authenticity. The Founders have ensured that the production of each of our categories is made in small batches to make it relevant, fresh and genuine. Moreover, none of our products ever have the conventional chemicals namely – Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Phosphates, any Artificial fillers, SLES/SLS or Parabens. Visit their Facebook page.

Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care:

It’s been a week, I am using Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care. I am using as the brand has directed. Before using the product, I was surprised at the hype it’s gaining in the people. Whenever I visited any online store, I found the tag ” Out of Stock”. After using, I got cleared the reason. Before, I used some mud packs. I don’t say that they are not effective, but Mud Ash is something just unique. Why? Let’s scroll down.







It’s a 3 in 1 formula that includes cleanser, scrubber, and mask packed in one.It’s a unique blend of Tea Tree Oil, Charcoal Extract, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay and Chamomile Extract. The activated charcoal helps to reduce the dirt and impurities you gather from the outside world into your skin.

The walnut scrubs off all the dead skin giving a healthy glow and youthfulness to your tired skin.
The Kaolin clay and Chamomile extracts treat your skin to revive and rejuvenate.
Use it daily as a cleanser ( 30 Seconds), twice as a scrubber (1minute) or weekly as a mask (3 minutes) to give your skin special treatment that you would get at your spa sessions in a salon, by burning your purse. 
Against animal testing,  Handmade with love, Environment safe packaging, Assorted and Ethical sourcing. 






Packaging And Price:

The product comes in a gray colored sturdy plastic tub with a black screw lid, under which a leak proof plastic lid is seen. The packaging is quite hygienic and user-friendly. The 100g tub costs INR 499/-. Buy from Amazon ( Direct Link) discount.

My Experience:

The smokey gray colored product has a mixed floral scent in which you can smell the Tea Tree Oil separately. The scent is neither strong nor mild. Even the sensitive nose can bear with it.







I have used it three ways. First three days after receiving, used as a cleanser, fourth day as a scrubber and seventh day, as the mask. I used it sincerely as per brand’s direction. Before using I sanitized my hands and wash my face with plain water ( I do it always before any skincare ritual), take a required amount into my palm and apply with very soft hand, then wash with the splash of plain water on my face. As the granules are a bit course, you have to use it very softly. As cleanser and scrubber, you need to be very careful while applying and rubbing. As the mask, don’t rub it, just wash off. If you maintain the procedure don’t face any sensitivity. Many of my friends have faced this issue. But, believe me, I have super sensitive skin, but I didn’t feel any sensitivity. I applied it on my elder son too. He didn’t face any such problem.

It has a very organic feel. As the product gives a good foam, it has won my heart. Because always it’s been my experience that the cleanser gives a good foam, works wonder. And it does. The very first day, it has cleared out my acne almost 80%. After one week, I am seeing a clear and tan or scar free toned skin. It has given me a softer and smoother skin that everyone is appreciating. The Mud Ash has miraculously worked on my pimples, reduced redness, and oiliness. In short, it has given me a rejuvenated skin.

Overall, it’s the product which if you own, need not get into a variety of products. You don’t have to invest in the salons. Above all, it’s Natural and Vegan. What else one can ask for in a 100g tub of the stuff. Yes, you’re right, I will repurchase it after I’ll have it done. 

Thanks for reading. Coming with more products.


Disclaimer: P.R. sample. But my review is honest. 


Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser

For the first time I am going to review a product from one of my favorite brands Ma Earth Botanicals. They have sent me four products to review them, out of which, I am going to share my experiences on the Hair Cleanser. You know I always look for natural products for my skin and hair. Now, you can see almost everywhere people are running behind the products with natural and organic ingredients. As much we will be in the natural products, the healthier and better will our hair and skin too. The hair will be more manageable, will have less breakage and it will grow longer very easily.

Now, let’s start with the product, the Hair Cleanser from Ma Earth Botanicals. 




As the brand claims,” This gentle hair cleanser contains a unique blend of natural herbs and oils which deeply clean and nourish the scalp. This enriching cleanser is especially beneficial for hair fall and flakiness of the scalp.”


Cruelty-free, SLES free, Paraben free, Sulphate free, No Artificial Coloring, No Synthetic Fragrances.


Key Ingredients:

Distilled Water, Amla, Shikakai, Ritha, Bhringraja, Brahmi, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Thyme, Cedarwood, Peppermint, and Lavender.


Amla: Promotes hair growth, helps strengthens hair shafts, prevents breakage and split ends.

Shikakai: It gently cleans and strengthens hair.

Ritha: Promotes hair growth, softens hair and removes excess oil.

Bhringraja: It helps strength hair and encourages hair growth.

Brahmi: It is known as natural hair thicker and provides the nourishment.

Jojoba Oil: It is the oil whose molecular structure is similar to sebum and hence it helps maintain the scalp’s natural balance. It also adds shine, elasticity and softness to hair.

Rosemary: Helps stimulate hair roots and encourage hair growth. It is also known for its stress relieving properties.

Thyme And Cedarwood: These two essential oils are well-known for their strong anti-bacterial properties and they help promote hair growth.

Peppermint: Improves hair growth, rejuvenates hair growth.

Lavender: Promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.



Directions for Use:

Dilute one cupful in half cup water and massage lightly onto the wet hair and leave for two minutes. Rinse well.



Packaging And Price:

I have received a sample size of 30 ml. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with silver color screw cap, under which a leakage proof cap is there. As I searched the website, I saw the 230 ml hair cleanser costs Rs 975/-.


My Experience:

I have washed my hair and scalp with this hair cleanser 5 times. The dark brown hair cleanser has a gel like texture that is neither very thick, nor runny. It has a nice relaxing fragrance of all the essential oils mixing together, though it doesn’t stay for long after the shower. I use it as directed by the brand. The cleanser doesn’t make much lather, yet it removes dirt nicely. But it doesn’t wash the oil if you oil before shampoo. I always apply oil at night or at least two hours before I go for shampoo. I have to apply the shampoo twice to wash off the oil completely.




I have oily scalp with dry hair. It has done well with the scalp and hair too, but it makes my hair more dry. So, the people with dry hair must use a conditioner after. The dandruff is reduced and it is preventing hair loss. Yes, it has done it. Though, at the same time I am using a hair oil from the brand Satthwa ( read the full review here.) which also works. Before at the time of washing my hair, I couldn’t resist my tear seeing the huge processions of my hairs. Now the scenario is totally opposite and I can see very little though, growth of my hair. So, it can be said that what the brand claims is happening.

At the end, I can say if price is not a factor, you can easily go for this shampoo. You will not regret spending your money. 

Hope you enjoyed. Let me leave now. Please share your thoughts here in the comment section.


*P.R samples.